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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Preparing for Border States, October 29,2011

As I prep for my 3rd Figure Competition I get more excited to see changes in my physique. At 49 I am in the best shape of my life! I just wish I had more fat & collagen in my face!!!


I jumped into the training/competion prep last year and did the unusual~built muscle and lost bodyfat. I started out at 109 with 16%bodyfat in April of 2010 and  competed at about 102 with 9% bodyfat!!

I felt great and got first in my class in the open!! Although I won; I did some things right and some not so right. My condition was great, very lean; but i also dehydrated too much...too much separation.

Always trying to improve I set new goals and worked on building my quads, hamstrings and glutes over the next few months. I'm very busy with teaching Spin, Bootcamp and training so I'm not too concerned with how much I weigh but more about the 'look'!!

I prepared for another competiton in May of 2011. I was told to come in a bit softer and not so lean. I was fuller, but my condition was a bit off. Not lean enough and fully hydrated. I didn't have a coach to evaluate me along the way. I learned a lot. I knew I needed an expert to help me with posing and the proper macro nutrients, water and supplements!!
I hired Damian Segovia from Arizona Pro Physiques on a family vaction in AZ in July, 2011.  He coach's Felicia Romero and many other top level competitors.
He is black & white. Follow the plan, don't deviate!! I like that. If I've improved then tell me. If I'm off track then call me out!!
I flew to AZ last weekend to work on posing and training! It was well worth the flight!!
He helped me to perfect the challenging back pose!! I've got 24 days till showtime!!! :)

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