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Monday, November 15, 2010

What are Your Fitness Goals?

"A goal is created three times. First, it's created as a mental picture. Second, when written down to add clarity and dimension. And third, when you take action toward it's achievement."
-Gary Ryan Blair
What are YOUR goals? Have you thought about them? Written them down? Taken steps towards their achievement? It's as easy as 1-2-3!!

1.- CREATE your goals in your mind. Close your eyes and meditate on your health and fitness. When you see your ideal self, or ideal situation, what is your health like? Your fitness? How do you look? How do you feel?

2.-Take those created goals and WRITE them down. The act of putting pen to paper gives your mental goals a tangible access- something you can see, read, and touch. Place those goals somewhere that you'll see them and be reminded of them. I place my goals on bathroom mirrors, in my gym bag, by my nightstand. The visual of seeing your goals on paper helps us maintain focus on those goals when life gets in the way.

3.- take ACTION. I cannot emphasize this enough. A goal without action is useless. You may not be able to do much, but you are able to do SOMETHING. Put one foot in front of the other, slowly, if need be, and begin walking towards your goals. You may not be able to shed all 25 lbs you want to lose immeidately, but ask yourself, "What can I do TODAY to get to that goal?" Maybe you can walk to the office instead of drive, eat a salad and grilled chicken at lunch instead of pizza or a burger, or spend 15 extra minutes at the gym. Whatever you CAN do, DO IT!

Create. Write. Act.
Make your goals a reality!
Get Fit!
Jamie Ambler
Jamie Ambler Fitness

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