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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High Intensity Interval Training

Why do Interval Training?
Interval Training increases total Work performed at higher
intensity resulting in:

  • Faster improvement in VO2 Max
  • Greater adaptation of Type II Muscle Fibers
  • Increased Lactate &Ventilatory Thresholds
  • Increased Weight Loss
Intervals increase weight Loss by:
  • Increasing Total Calorie Expenditure During & After the Workout
          -Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (E.P.O.C.)
  • Increasing Fat Utilization both During and After Exercise
What is EPOC?
Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption

  • O2 Consumption Necessary to Return to the Pre-Exercise Physiological Resting State
  1. Replacing oxygen stores
  2. Phosphagen (ATP-PC) resynthesis
  3. Lactate removal
  4. The increased ventilation, blood circulation and body temperature above pre-exercise levels
Keys to Enhancing EPOC
  • Studies show that EPOC is dependent on both the intensity and duration of exercise
  • Current research indicates that >75% VO2 AND >30 minutes duration is required for significant EPOC
Burn More Belly Fat!
  • Yes! H.I.I.T. found to reduce visceral and subcutaneous Ab Fat
  • 'Working out at low intensity burns more fat'
  • 'If I work out a high level of intensity I'll burn off my muscle mass.'
Will High Intensity Intervals REALLY Make me Lose Muscle Mass?
  • Proper rest, proper hydration & proper nutrition are the key to not losing muscle.
  • Without all 3 of these components, cortisol levels may rise, resulting in increased belly fat, decreased muscularity
Post-Workout/Recovery Meals
  • Immediately (ideally within 45 minutes) post-workout
  • Goals are to:
  1. Stop protein breakdown
  2. Start protein resynthesis
  3. Replenish glycogen stores
What should you eat?
  • Fast Acting Protein & Carbohydrate ASAP
  • Optimal window for glycogen repletion is 15 to 60 minutes following your workout
  • Ideal ratio: 1 gram protein : 2-3 grams simple carbs (depending on intensity)
  • minumum protein 20-25 grams

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